About DeterminedToQuit.com

About DeterminedToQuit.com

The Pennsylvania Department of Health developed DeterminedToQuit.com to provide an online community that gives smokers a multi-functional Quit Companion tool that allows them to update and monitor their quit attempts as their quit attempt progresses, enter their lapses via an email form or text messaging from their mobile phone, schedule messages to be delivered automatically to their cell phones at specific times to help themselves fend off potential lapses during normal smoking breaks and receive messages of encouragement from loved ones, and view video blogs featuring fellow smokers currently trying to quit.

Success rates double for smokers who are supported in their quit attempt, yet less than 1 in 10 seeks out any sort of support when they try to quit smoking. DeterminedToQuit.com provides the approximately two million, or roughly one in five, Pennsylvania adults who are current smokers with an online community of support and tools required to quit using tobacco for the last time.

DeterminedToQuit.com provides Pennsylvanians unbiased content allowing smokers to truly understand the breadth of cessation options available. Individuals interested in quitting tobacco can get help now by utilizing two FREE tobacco cessation resources available 24/7 provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Those quitting or thinking of quitting should register on DeterminedToQuit.com, or call the Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW to speak to a live quit coach.

Smoking Fact

Health-related costs due to smoking total more than $167 billion each year.