How to Quit

How to Quit

Millions of people alive today have quit smoking. In fact, half of all adult smokers have said goodbye to cigarettes — and you can too! Quitting smoking is not just a change of habit: it’s a lifestyle change. To quit successfully, you need to have the desire to quit, commitment to sticking with your plan, and the support of those around you including your family and friends or a support program where you can share your experience with others. If you go about quitting armed with these tools and resources — as compared to going it alone — you increase your chances of success.

If you experience some difficulties, a slip, or even a relapse, remember that it’s okay. Quitting smoking is difficult, and you don’t have to get discouraged. Use these times as learning experiences and keep trying. Most people will make multiple attempts before they finally quit. In fact, studies show that the more times you try, the more likely you are to succeed.

In this section, learn how to prepare for quit day, find out which method is right for you, and devise a customized plan for quit day and beyond.

Smoking Fact

Using smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine addiction and dependence.