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With these Love Thy Neighbor PastorCasts, getting the support you need to quit smoking for good can be as easy as the click of a button. This free seven-part series is designed to provide an additional word of encouragement whenever you need it.

Listen to inspirational words from contributing faith-based leaders across the state, as they focus on helping you overcome some of the challenges you’ll face during your quitting process.

Download each short, empowering PastorCast to play on your computer, make a CD for your home or car stereo, or to upload to an MP3 Player and have it with you throughout the day.

If you ‘d like to download a PastorCast, right-click the "[DOWNLOAD]" link and save the file to your hard drive or simply click to listen in your browser..

Determined To Act, by Reverend Brenda M. Alton - [DOWNLOAD]
It all starts with taking those first steps toward a smoke-free life, and determining a path that is right for you. Reverend Alton explains how being blessed with extraordinary abilities can help you to stop reaching for that cigarette.

Determined To Change, by Reverend Laurie Ann Rookard - [DOWNLOAD]
Know that your decision to quit smoking will bring about a positive change in your life, and commit to the challenge. Reverend Rookard talks about how the little steps—taken one at a time—can amount to you reaching your goal.

Determined To Persevere, by Reverend Byron Craig - [DOWNLOAD]
Quitting is not easy. Yet, in gaining this understanding, you can gain strength. Reverend Craig inspires you to push through and deal with the struggles of quitting smoking by sharing his personal story and pearls of wisdom.

Determined To Breathe Easy, by Reverend E. Ervin Milsaps - [DOWNLOAD]
Quitting smoking leads to physical and physiological health benefits—and a healthier overall lifestyle. Reverend Milsaps shares his personal story on how his faith led him to quit smoking, once he realized that his body was meant to be treated like a temple.

Determined To Deal, by Reverend Rockwell Dillaman - [DOWNLOAD]
We know that life’s situations can bring about stress and, for many, smoking has become a way of coping with certain pressures. Reverend Dillaman expresses how a little bravery, not cigarettes, can be the key to meeting life’s challenges.

Determined To Avoid Temptation, by Reverend Gregory Holston - [DOWNLOAD]
When everyday surroundings and social environments can trigger the urge to reach for a cigarette, it can be even harder to quit. Reverend Holston highlights the biblical story of Paul to offer inspiration and insight into developing your best weapon against temptation—the power to say “no.”

Determined To Live, by Reverend Andrew Foster - [DOWNLOAD]
Your life is a precious gift—not just to you, but also to those around you. Reverend Foster speaks on how your decision to quit smoking has a positive effect that reaches beyond you, and how the choice to live smoke-free affirms the enormity of the gift of life.

Smoking Fact

When you quit smoking, your risk of stroke decreases steadily. Former smokers have the same stroke risk as nonsmokers after 5 to 15 years.