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Registering for the Quit Companion is quick and easy. First, you will be asked some basic questions to begin creating your account. Next, you can select a target Quit Day. Then, you will have the option of setting up your mobile phone to receive Quit Companion messages. Finally, fill out the optional information to help us better understand who is benefitting from this website.

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Quit Day is the day you decide in advance you will quit smoking for good. Some people like to choose a day with special meaning to them, like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Others will simply choose a day at random. In any case, when you mark the day on your calendar and commit to quitting at that time, you commit to never smoking again.

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The Quit Companion enables you to use SMS (or Short Message Service) to send text messages to your mobile phone or hand-held device†. To enable this option in your Quit Companion account, enter your mobile phone number and select your provider below. While there is no charge to use our service, your carrier may charge you standard text message rates.

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Smoking Fact

Smokers have a lower survival rate after surgery compared to that of nonsmokers, and are at greater risk for complications following surgery.