Smokeless Tobacco

Quit Smokeless Tobacco Resources

Access the following resources for tools, education and support to help you quit smokeless tobacco successfully.

Online Resources

Quit Smokeless

Provides support for people trying to quit smokeless tobacco. Written from the perspective of someone who used smokeless tobacco but decided to quit, it includes a support community, live chat and lots of helpful information.

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Kill the Can

An online community dedicated to helping people quit smokeless tobacco. Includes a support forum, live chat and lots of facts about smokeless tobacco.

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Chew Free

A smokeless tobacco cessation program created by Oregon Research Institute and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Login required.

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Oral Health America's National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP) was founded as an effort to educate young people in the baseball community and the American public about the dangers of smokeless tobacco.

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Smoking Fact

Smokeless tobacco is a known cause of mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukoplakia (white sores in the mouth that can lead to cancer), receding gums and bone loss around the roots of the teeth.